Framed photos are like portals.  Portals that allow you to see into the moments in your life that bring you the most joy.  The most peace.  The most perspective.  

The “Vuezz” that make life worth remembering.

In 2012, 3 mechanical engineers in the Pacific Northwest got together to found Vuezz; a company creating unique, innovative ways to showcase the moments you want to last forever.

The engineering facet the founders bring pushes the company to develop products outside the status quo.


When you frame a photo, it will stay on your wall for years… maybe decades.  So you want to feel confident that the frame material and assembly is at a caliber that will LAST.

All the frames coming from Vuezz are eco-friendly, and crafted from solid, sustainable, renewable materials.  

Instead of using staples to assemble the frames, Vuezz uses a butterfly connector which runs the full depth of the material.


When you order a framed photo from Vuezz, your print is completely free.  We print the photo, quality check the resolution and cropping, mount it on high quality foam board, place it in your frame, and ship it to your door.  


Choose:  The single frame size, or wall collection of frames
Create:  Upload your image(s), crop, rotate, etc
Order:  Then simply add to your cart


The 3 most common frustrations when hanging frames are:

  1. Damage to walls
  2. Hanging level
  3. The need to rehang if you choose the wrong spot for the nail

The Ledge Hanging System (created by Vuezz and patent pending) alleviates all 3 of these frustrations.

No More Nails

3M command strips are included with each frame.  They are applied to the back of the hanging system, and then applied to the wall to hold it tightly in place.  When it’s time to remove the frame, the command strips can be easily taken off without damage.

Give It To Me Straight

The hanging system has a built-in level.  This means that before attaching it to the wall, you’ll be able to monitor the level and see that you’re placing the hanging system perfectly straight.

Have a collage to hang? Place one hanging system, then use a straight board or ruler to line up the next one.

The Sliding Solution

Want a photo an inch or two to the right or left?  Want a collage to line up perfectly with the right amount of space between photos?  The Ledge Hanging System makes this simple.

You attach the Ledge (the piece with the level on it) to the wall, then place the frame onto the Ledge, and move it from side to side.  It’s that easy!